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Resort bar fight ends with three visitors in handcuffs

By Katie Tabeling | Sep 07, 2017

Three men were arrested in connection to a fight at Pickle’s Pub on Eighth Street early Sunday morning.

Police responded to a fight between Michael Amato, 25, of Erial, New Jersey and an unidentified man. When police attempted to arrest Amato, he attempted to walk away, according to police, who then took him to the ground and stunned him with a Taser to gain his compliance. John Amato, 27, allegedly tried to stop police from arresting his brother and was also arrested.

Bouncers later told police that Amato was picking fights and punched a staff member in the head. The other man involved in the fight fled the scene, but bouncers said that he was a customer helping staff in removing Amato from the bar.

Jesse Hoffman, 24, of Notthingham, Maryland was also arrested after he refused to leave the bar after bouncers and police requested it.

The Amato brothers were both charged with second-degree assault and disorderly conduct. Michael Amato was charged with affray and resisting arrest. Hoffman was charged with failure to obey a lawful order and intoxicated engagement.

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