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Ribbon cutting for new platform tennis courts

By PRESS RELEASE | Nov 22, 2017

(Nov. 24, 2017) The Ocean Pines Association will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its newest addition to the Manklin Meadows Racquet Sports Complex. The ceremony on Tuesday, Nov. 28 at 11 a.m. will mark the grand opening of two new platform tennis courts, located at 11443 Manklin Creek Road in Ocean Pines.

“This project will have an extraordinary and permanent impact on Worcester County and our community by promoting and enhancing the quality of area athletic programming,” said Aquatics and Recreation Director Colby Phillips. “Our residents and guests deserve to have top-notch sports facilities and that is what Ocean Pines will continue to deliver.”

Ocean Pines will offer free platform tennis play from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in conjunction with the ribbon-cutting ceremony on Nov. 28. Instructors will offer beginner courses starting at 9 a.m. Free registration for the beginner courses will be available at the welcome table at the entrance of the sports complex.

The event will include a live radio broadcast, food and remarks from several community leaders, including Phillips, Ocean Pines Association General Manager John Bailey, Ocean Pines Director of Marketing and Public Relations Denise Sawyer and members of the Ocean Pines Platform Tennis Association.

The $93,800 project was approved by the Ocean Pines Board of Directors at a July 28 Regular Board meeting. Board Director Doug Parks moved to accept the recommendation of Total Platform Tennis, an Ohio-based platform tennis court construction company.

Platform tennis is an American racquet sport enjoyed by thousands of people of all ages. The game, which combines elements of tennis and racquetball, is played on a court about one-third the size of a tennis court surrounded by 12-foot fencing that allows play off the screens.

Another benefit of a platform tennis membership in Ocean Pines is the option of playing timeless tennis. Those who are no longer comfortable playing on a regular-size tennis court are invited to try the sport, which is new to Ocean Pines and has already attracted a number of players.

The game is played on the racquet complex’s platform tennis courts using tennis racquets and low-compression balls. The screens surrounding each of the courts help keep the balls within reach.

For Ocean Pines, the new platform tennis courts are already a source of pride and a great asset to the community.

“It is exciting to think of the potential of programs to come to the new courts as well as more opportunity for member and resident-use,” Phillips said.

For more information about the Ocean Pines community, contact Sawyer at 410-641-7717 ext. 3006 or dsawyer@oceanpines.org.

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