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Schools tap savings to fund repair of Worcester Tech roof

Other capital projects came in well under budget, giving bd. of ed some excess cash
By Brian Gilliland | Dec 21, 2017

(Dec. 22, 2017) Superintendent of Schools Lou Taylor received permission from the Worcester County Commissioners on Tuesday to transfer funds to pay for the repair of a failing section of roof at Worcester County Technical High School.

The funds come originally from money Taylor asked for during this year’s budget session for capital projects — a total of $566,100 to update the energy management systems at Buckingham Elementary and Snow Hill Middle schools, replace the chiller at Stephen Decatur Middle School and install a swing in the courtyard at Cedar Chapel.

Updating the energy management system at Buckingham Elementary School cost less than the $157,000 that was budgeted for the project, Taylor explained in a letter to the commissioners. The project actually cost about $87,000, he wrote.

The $70,000 left over from the Buckingham school project could be used “… to help offset the cost of the roof project at Worcester County Technical High School,” Taylor wrote.

No estimate for the total cost of the work was provided by Taylor.

“The underlayment on a section of the roof over the trades area of the Worcester Technical High School is failing and need to be replaced,” Taylor wrote.

Underlayment is the first layer of waterproofing installed, and is generally a roll of paper or fiberglass saturated with asphalt and other waterproofing materials.

Taylor wrote that he hoped work would begin in January to replace the roofing.

The commissioners voted unanimously to allow the budget transfer.

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