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Seabay Lane hotel causing problems

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Feb 15, 2018



printed 02/16/2018



Since the rezoning of a piece marshland just south of the Route 90 bridge, aka Seabay Lane, the Town of Ocean City has permitted the construction of a massive hotel complex within a small existing neighborhood.

We have 25 taxpaying homeowners who have been waiting four years for a road maintenance agreement regarding our “private” street.

This winter, our homeowner’s association has paid over $1,000 to remove snow after the last storm.

With this huge hotel on the north side of all of Seabay Lane, we still have no agreement from the town or our new neighbors to address any of the problems now facing this once quiet neighborhood.

Now we have been told that we need an attorney to intervene on our behalf. There are many unanswered questions for all of us. The town chooses to ignore this whole issue, as if it will go away.

We will also be dealing with the repercussions for four years of construction, settlement, drainage problems and wind events.

The wind has blown all kinds of construction debris, including their insulation, fences, port-a-johns and anything else not tied down, right into and across our street. This has created a dangerous situation more than once.

From the beginning, there has been very little correspondence with the new hotel, no good faith interaction, no communication. We are left to live every day with this mess that has been created by the big push to overbuild rooms in this town.

Remember, Mayor Meehan said recently about the wind farm development, “This is a really big project that will be there for many years, and we have only one chance to get it right.”

Why did no one care enough to get it right on Seabay Lane?

Seta Martin

Ocean City

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