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Second dispensary slated to open in March

Hi-Tide receives final approval from Maryland Medical Cannabis Comm.
By Brian Gilliland | Mar 01, 2018
Photo by: Brian Gilliland

(March 2, 2018) Worcester is set to open its full complement of medical marijuana dispensaries by the end of the month, according to Bob Davis, clinical director and part owner of Hi-Tide Dispensary at 12600 Marjan Lane in West Ocean City.

Maryland counties are allowed two dispensaries per state senate district. Ocean City and Worcester County are in District 38, which also includes portions of Wicomico and Somerset counties. Licensed medical cannabis growers can also elect to have a dispensary.

The other local dispensary, Positive Energy, opened at the end of January, and is located off Jerry Mack Road, also in West Ocean City.

Davis said he received full approval to open from the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission last week, which means he has all the pieces in place — like security, for example — but the shop still needs some work before opening its doors to customers.

Even unfinished, it’s easy to imagine what the eventual shop will look like. The outer doors open to a wide retail area, complete with branded T-shirts, mugs and other items. Hi-Tide is also selling delivery devices such as vaporizer pens and glass pipes.

Behind another set of security doors is where the cannabis is kept. It’s a large, spacious room with tables, chairs and display cases that will be one day devoted to the sale and consumption methods for marijuana. Davis said he would have between 35 and 40 types of cannabis flower to offer.

“It’s a light beach feel in a clinical environment. It’s open to allow patients to take control of their healthcare,” Davis said.

He changed courses after 25 years as a local pharmacist to this new venture because it gave him new opportunities to affect how his patients feel, he said.

“I’m used to giving out 90-day supplies of medicine, which people would take until they feel better and toss the rest. Here, we’re doing dose to symptom — it allows patients to take a small quantity to see if it has the desired effect,” he said. “You can’t overdose to death on cannabis, so we help them try it and see rather than forcing an outcome.”

If someone is on Lipitor 20, he said, they’re on Lipitor 20 and there’s no way around it.

In addition to cannabis flower, Davis said he would be offering tablets, tinctures, concentrates and topical products. Hi-Tide is also offering a large selection of cannabidiol, or CBD products. Made from the stalk, stems and seeds of the plant, it lacks the psychoactive effects of the flowers.

“It’s not controlled and available to anyone because there’s no THC [tetrahydrocannabinol]. There are also veterinary CBD products for pets. They’re huge in Europe and beginning to catch on here,” he said.

THC is the principal psychoactive element found in cannabis plants.

“We’re offering full service education to the patron from the doctor’s visit to choosing the correct variety and dosage,” Davis said.

The dispensary’s website, www.ochitide.com, is designed to help patrons navigate the three-step process used to obtain medical marijuana in Maryland.

To obtain medical cannabis in Maryland, the patient must first register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission to obtain a patient identification number. A physician registered with the commission must issue a written certification for the patient, who can then take that certification to a dispensary.

To purchase medical cannabis, the patient needs their government issued identification, like a driver’s license, or a card available from the commission for $50.

At the dispensary, patients and agents can determine what products best suit their needs.

More information is available at www.ochitide.com or via Hi Tide Dispensary’s Facebook page.

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