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Second round of 50th ESA Summer Surf Series this Sat.

By Intern, Morgan Pilz | Jun 22, 2017

(June 23, 2017) The second round of the 50th annual Eastern Surfing Association (ESA) Summer Surf Series will take place this Saturday, June 24, where amateur surfers can compete to win prizes and a chance to qualify for the ESA Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship and the ESA Eastern Surfing Championship.

Competitors will participate in divisions including Bodyboard, Shortboard, Longboard and Stand Up Paddleboard. There is also an “Open” division for Shortboard and Bodyboard. Competitors must arrive to the designated ready area 15 minutes before their competition begins.

This Saturday’s event will take place in the water on 46th Street from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The deadline to sign up for this event was June 22, but participants can still register the day of the event for an additional $15. The cost to participate is $20 for the first division and $10 for every division after.

“The [first] contest (June 3) was a great success,” Delmarva ESA District Co-Director Mark Donohue said. “We had fun waves and sunny weather, the heats ran smoothly and we gave out awards by 2 p.m. We expect this weekend’s event to have good surf as well, and hope for a few more competitors coming out.”

Roughly two-dozen competitors were joined by family and friends, attracting neraly 100 people on the beach for the event, Donahue said.

“A lot of the participants are repeating [competitors] because they accumulate points to qualify for [the] Regional Championship and the Eastern Championship,” Donohue said.

The fourth and fifth events will be held on 46th Street on Aug. 19 and Sept. 30. Registartion lasts until two days prior to the action.

The third event, on July 22, will have a special dinner and campfire at Assateague Island State Park. Participants must register that day. The cost to participate in an event at each competition is $20, and $10 for each additional division.

“The audience will be able to view the contest right from the beautiful local beach,” Donohue said. “We only ask people not to stand in front of the judges view and not swim in the competition area (which will be marked by flags and/or buoys).”

Founded in 1967 by East Coast Surfers, ESA was created to promote, preserve and protect the sport of surfing on the East Coast. ESA is dedicated to the sport of amateur surfing, as well as the operation of a program of amateur competition for surfers of all ages and abilities.

In addition, ESA promoted the establishment and preservation of free access to a clean shoreline and ocean environment.

ESA is the largest amateur surfing association in the world. The association’s activities are organized into a total of 25 districts, which extend along nearly 2,000 miles of coastline.

Stretching from Maine through the Gulf Coast of Florida, Alabama and the Great Lakes, each district’s programs are developed and operated by a dedicated group of volunteer directors and staff.

“The ESA Summer Surf Series events have been going on in Ocean City for decades where local surfers and bodyboarders have an opportunity to compete in monthly contests throughout the summer and early fall,” Donohue said. “Since surfing is generally an individual sport, the ESA contests are a great opportunity to link up with other surfers in the community, sharpen your skills and spend a day enjoying our local beaches.”

Each division will have trophies and awards, as well as sponsor-donated giveaway prizes.

Surf Series participants must be ESA members. Family memberships cost $95. Competition memberships cost $65 for all divisions. A fee of $20 covers the first event during each contest, and $10 for other divisions. Supporting membership cost $35 and is for non-competitors. Lifetime membership costs  $1,000.

Scheduling info can be found on the delmarva.surfesa.org website or Delmarva ESA Facebook. ESA’s will provide frequent weather updates on its website and social media pages.

Anyone interested in signing up for the events can do so at Delmarva.surfsignup.com which can be found on the Delmarva ESA Facebook page and Delmarva website at delmarva.surfesa.org. Those who are looking for age specific events can find the age divisions at www.surfesa.org. Questions can be sent to delmarva@surfesa.org or through messenger on Delmarva ESA’s Facebook page.


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