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Shine light on car event discussions, proposals

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Nov 30, 2017



printed 12/01/2017



I worked in a rather large (60K+ residents) municipality for 27 years. I was the Public Works operations director.

I know the political games all too well. Politicians working for votes instead of working for the good of everyone involved. It’s the pitfall of our entire political system.

Let’s consider a few facts, something I have seen little of in this debate. There are just over 7,000 year-round residents (of which myself and my wife are part of) and 6,000 registered voters in this town.

I don’t have the numbers (but invite the town to provide them as one of the missing facts), but there are thousands of non-voting property owners/business owners and employees in this town that make this town what it is: a resort town, not a retirement community.

The average summer population is 275,000, but it’s the 6,000 votes our mayor and some council members are constantly and deceitfully working to get on election day.

So, who works for whom? The police commission seemingly is behind all of this. So, how and where are their reports and recommendations coming from? Well, the city manager works at the pleasure of the mayor and council and the department heads are at the mercy of the city manager.

So ultimately, these people, for survival purposes, will provide one-sided arguments and support for the mayor and council, which explains the behind-the-doors strategy session that excluded key stakeholders regarding the events at hand.

So, decisions affecting tens of thousands of people are dictated by a small group of residents that have most of our mayor and council sweating around the collar about their political futures.

Let’s get away from the self-serving comments being made by some officials. Hey Mary Knight, you got a call from one New York non-resident taxpayer complaining? Give me a break. Our year-round resident population is declining? Show me some numbers and to what degree it affects this town.

Let’s get away from the one-sided politically generated garbage and start approaching this with some unbiased information. I personally love all of these events, and I have many out-of-town friends that come to Ocean City, spend money, and also enjoy these events, including H2Oi (my 69-year-old brother included).

Yes, this younger crowd doesn’t fit in well with the old fogies in this town, but they aren’t much different then I was, or even my own kids and most likely the kids of most people. But, I’m willing to hear from all sides, but we need to start with facts and figures that back up the arguments.

What exactly are the issues? Show me some police statistics from a long weekend during the summer months compared to the stats from these events? What are the revenue figures during these events? What would they be without these events? What are the additional costs to the city?

Someone complained about the traffic. It’s not much different than summer traffic during a good year. Unfortunately, it appears this wasn’t such a good year. Ask the hotel owners, the restaurants, and the people that depend on visitors for a living.

And finally, the National Guard? A curfew? Ignorance is bliss. Just more unjustified rhetoric. Hey folks, we are in the business of accepting visitors in this town. Don’t let the dirty game of politics affect the lives of so many people, not just in this town, but visitors from all over the East Coast.

Walter DeBord

Ocean City


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