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Shmagel’s Bagels as well as DODO now open uptown

By Kara Hallissey | Aug 10, 2017
Photo by: Kara Hallissey Scooping sweet treats at DODO edible cookie dough and ice cream on 117th Street Wednesday afternoon, are employees, from left, Milena Durdevic, Ali Sullivan and Xia Hou.

(Aug. 11, 2017) Owner Mo Salem opened DODO edible cookie dough and ice cream two weeks ago on 117th Street after adding a third Shmagel’s Bagels location in Ocean City on 129th Street in the Montego Bay Shopping Center at the end of June.

“It’s been fun developing Shmagel’s Bagels in Ocean City,” Salem said. “With DODO, everyone is going crazy over the concept. We started mixing cookie dough six months ago knowing we wanted to open a shop and tried a variety of flavors.”

Salem credits manager Ali Sullivan with creating the cookie dough recipes, which include chocolate chip, cake batter, sugar, peanut butter, snickerdoodle, oatmeal M&M and brownie batter. The eighth cookie dough flavor will change.

“We have one spot for crazy, off-the-wall ideas,” Salem said. “We have Oreo cheesecake today. The rest of the flavors are proven to be popular.”

In addition to cookie dough, the shop has 12 Hershey’s Ice Cream flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, birthday cake, peanut butter, raspberry sorbet, bananas foster, mint chocolate chip, pecan, cappuccino, sea salt cookies and cream. There are gluten and dairy free options.

“We’ve watched the cookie dough craze,” Salem said. “Everyone wants cookie dough that is safe to eat. We wanted something to compliment the cookie dough so we added ice cream and toppings to create madness in a cup.”

DODO cookie dough and ice cream is sold by single, double and triple scoops.

Patrons can choose to add their choice of more than 20 toppings and sauces or enjoy their cold treat in a waffle bowl or cone for an additional charge. Topping options include chocolate covered pretzels, sprinkles, nuts, candy, toasted coconut, Oreo and chocolate chips.

DODO uses a pasteurized egg and heat-treated flour for all cookie dough recipes, which makes the popular dessert safe to eat.

“You don’t have to hide behind the refrigerator and eat cookie dough anymore,” Salem said. “You can come in and get cookie dough in a cup and we won’t judge you.”

DODO edible cookie dough and ice cream also has half a dozen sundaes, hot and frozen coffee and milkshakes available on 117th Street. Customers choose their favorite ice cream and cookie dough flavors before it is mixed together into a milkshake. Sundae options include strawberry cheesecake, peanut butter, brownie and banana split.

There are at least 50 seats on the property, which include outdoor patio and lagoon areas in addition to plenty of chairs indoors with a 20-foot-long chalkboard for patrons to write messages on.

The ice cream and cookie dough shop is open every day on 117th Street from 11 a.m. to midnight. Call DODO at 410-390-9037 for more information.

Shmagel’s Bagels, the third Ocean City location to open its doors since 2015, has been operating in the Montego Bay Shopping Center on 129th Street since the end of June.

A Shmagel bagel starts out as a freshly made bagel in house with two dozen varieties including specialty bagels, which are continuously being rotated. Shmagel’s offers classic flavors like onion, cinnamon raisin and sesame. Creative flavors like French toast, very berry, jalapeno, pumpernickel and chocolate chip, round out some of the options.

To complement the bagels, at least a dozen cream cheese spreads are available. Choices include strawberry, horseradish and cheddar, chive and onion, lox, honey pecan, blueberry, cinnamon and sugar, crabby, and finally, the combination of apple, raisin and cinnamon.

The bagel shop has a variety of baked goods including scones, cookies, brownies, apple and cherry turnovers, cinnamon twists and muffins, which are aptly named “Shmuffins” at the shop and are very popular among customers.

Breakfast sandwiches are served on bagels with eggs, meats and cheeses chosen by the customer.

There are at least a dozen specialty sandwiches served on a bagel or a roll including chicken salad, roast beef and cheddar, tuna salad, a bagel grilled cheese, egg salad, turkey chipotle club and a cheesy tomato melt.

A bagel shop would not be complete without coffee and Shmagel’s Bagels grinds and brews its specialty coffee in house with offerings including cappuccinos, expressos, lattes and iced coffees.

Smoothies are another tasty treat with fruit flavors such as wild berry, raspberry strawberry, mango and frozen lemonade or start the morning off with a coffee smoothie.

“We’ve started mixing our iced coffee with our coffee smoothies,” Salem said. “We have a couple new ones. Peanut butter cup or cookies and cream can be mixed with our famous iced coffee.”

Unique Shmagel’s Bagels tied-eye T-shirts with its signature logo are available for $17.99.

Shmagel’s Bagels is Salem’s brainchild, which he has expanded to three locations in Ocean City since opening his debut shop on 33rd Street during the summer of 2015. In the fall of 2016, a Shmagel’s Bagels and TCBY joint location in Berlin near Wal-Mart became available to the public.

“These are born in Ocean City businesses. We have started the process to franchise Shmagel’s Bagels and are fast-tracking the process for DODO,” Salem said. “Three people have already expressed interest in franchising DODO and it’s been exciting.”

Shmagel’s Bagels on 129th Street in the Montego Bay Shopping Center is open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information, call 410-250-2500. Catering is available with at least 24-hour prior notice at all three Shmagel’s Bagels locations.

DODO edible cookie dough and ice cream and Shmagel’s Bagels are both slated to stay open into the fall uptown.

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