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Slippery slope between yoga, prayer in schools

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May 03, 2018



printed 05/04/2018



I would like to thank the editor and writer of Ocean City Today for bringing to light concerns Pastor Daryl McCready has with the “mindfulness” program in place at an elementary school level and planned to expand to higher levels of the Worcester County School system.

It would behoove parents and members of the school system to at least research the basis of his concern before teaching little children these practices they say have only “positive, calming” outcomes.

They could start by googling Caryl Matrisciana. Of course, it is understandable that parents and even officials will be angry at his warning. When I was first told, I was also angry and felt this was the unsubstantiated belief of an extremist, fundamental branch of Christianity.

I didn’t know anything about yoga and centering except that it was great exercise and wonderful control discipline. But I did my homework. I think this is what Pastor McCready is asking of the school system to do. Even though they did not speak out, other pastors who viewed the program tell me they agree with him.

What I found out is that these techniques are based on the Hindu religion. Centering is “aligning their chakras” with The Great Serpent” and posing to open themselves up to the many thousands of gods of Eastern Mysticism. Even having them grow up, as Caryl Matrisciana did, thinking that these practices are safe exposes them to delving into higher levels of this religious practice which is anything but harmless.

I am asking parents and educators to please consider these sweet little vulnerable children. We cannot have them say “The Lord’s Prayer” in school because of the Supreme Court’s decision. Giving Hindu and Eastern Mysticism to them in the morning is no different, and it is my opinion the Worcester County Board of Education may end up in a very long and very expensive lawsuit.

With Best hopes for a better outcome,

Alberta Harrison

Ocean City


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