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Special event zone, yes, lower speed limits, no

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May 17, 2018



printed 05/18/2018



Mayor & City Council Ocean City

Thanks, but no thanks.

Congratulations on the planning and foresight of the Cruiser Weekend. Sen. Mathias at your request had the Special Event Bill passed at the legislature enabling Chief Buzzuro to enlist the many law enforcement agencies from throughout the area to assist in the enforcement of our town’s ordinances and laws. Thank you for your efforts.

Now, the no thanks.

However, I disagree with the idea of changing the speed limits to 30 mph from 40 mph. The difference between the two isn’t that significant and it was very costly.

#1. There were thousands of dollars spent just changing the signs alone.

#2. It gives visitors the opinion that we are becoming like a Bridgeville or Bethany Beach, where the speed limits are particularly low enabling them to write tickets and collect fines.

#3. What about the residents and property tax payers that live here? Why should they have to suffer the consequences of possibly forgetting the special event and what the speed limit is a few days a year.  You must remember that most of our residents are senior citizens and memory is not on the top of their list.

Again, my congratulations on your foresight and I agree with your actions, but without changing the speed limit.

Jim Flaig

Ocean City

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