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Stuffed monkey inspires fifth book

By Kara Hallissey | Nov 16, 2017

(Nov. 17, 2017) Readers will experience “RR’s Trip, Christmas and Birthday” in author Rose Mullen’s fifth story in her children’s book series, which is inspired by her 16-inch stuffed monkey.

It has been available on Amazon.com since last month.

In January of 2006, Mullen’s husband, Randy, bought her the monkey at Wacky Bear Factory on the Ocean City Boardwalk with an adoption certificate.

The monkey was named “RR,” using the couple’s initials, Randy and Rose. The stories are written under Mullen’s pen name, “randyrose.”

In her fifth book, “RR’s Trip, Christmas and Birthday,” the stuffed monkey travels from Ocean City to his family’s second home in the Philippines during Christmastime. He also passes along travel tips and shares customs on how the holiday season is celebrated in the Philippines.

“Taking a trip is special, but there are advantages and disadvantages of travel,” Mullen said. “Christmas is the best time of year.”

In addition, there are three birthday celebrations in the book: his parents and a Mickey Mouse-themed party to celebrate RR’s 11th birthday in Asia.

“The most important day was his birthday on Jan. 7,” Mullen said. “He will have a Superman costume party for his 12th birthday next year. Celebrating birthdays recognizes the most important part of everyone’s life.”

Readers will learn the importance of reaching out and helping others while also tagging along during the 44th collegiate class reunion for Mullen overseas. The stuffed monkey also helps celebrate her Most Outstanding Alumnus in Culture and Art award from the Silay Institute in the Philippines.

The 45-page book has seven poems about Christmas, travel and birthdays in addition to 32 vocabulary words from the national language of the Philippines, Tagalog, translated into English.

Her fourth book, “RR’s Arts from Recycling,” teaches audiences how to create treasures by reusing waste materials found in homes such as newspapers, shells, magazines, cardboard, crumpled leafs, burlap rope, gift wrapping, pumpkin seeds, pistachio and egg shells.

“RR makes a papier-mâché purse, coasters made of burlap, a pumpkin seed mosaic and a paper flower [in the book],” Mullen said. “These waste materials can be recycled, turned into art and made into useful things. What is behind the trash?”

Step-by-step instructions are shared on how to make these gifts at home with an adult.

The 43-page book has three poems about recycling and 33 Tagalog words translated into English.

RR also celebrates Halloween and shows support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“The book is very informative and environmentally friendly,” Mullen said. “It is important to keep the environment clean and nice. Conserving natural resources and forests and reducing pollution.”

Her third book, “RR and Friends,” familiarizes audiences to the stuffed monkey’s companions in the United States and the Philippines.

“There are seven children in the book,” Mullen said. “RR’s best friend, Sophia, is Jill and Todd Ferrante’s [owners of Park Place Jewelers] daughter.”

The 37-page book also introduces readers to the Mullen’s three grandchildren, other stuffed creatures, neighborhood friends and the children of Mullen’s nephews.

“The book is for young children and adults with the message that age doesn’t count in friendship. There are character traits that bind friendship, there is so much enjoyment in sharing times with friends and that playing with friends is a learning process,” Mullen said.

In addition, there are three poems about friends and 27 Tagalog words translated into English.

Her second book, “Flowers from RR’s Garden,” follows the stuffed monkey on his travel adventures to his two favorite countries while revealing his love of flowers with vivacious photographs and descriptions.

“It’s about the flowers growing in the gardens in Ocean City and the Philippines,” Mullen said. “There are descriptions of the flowers. We always admire them, but don’t know the names or story behind it.”

The Mullens have a huge garden in the Philippines and a smaller one in Ocean City. All of the flowers described in “Flowers from RR’s Garden” are growing in one of their gardens.

There are about 20 different flowers and flower arrangements discussed in the 37-page book, which was released in July 2016.

Mullen enjoys writing stories and wants readers to understand the importance of experience gained while traveling. The last couple pages of her book has 26 Tagalog words translated into English.

In addition, there are three poems written by Mullen describing her thoughts on springtime and flowers.

“I hope it inspires people to plant flowers and make friends wherever they go,” Mullen said.

Her first book, “RR, the Traveling Stuffed Monkey Buddy,” was released in May 2016 and follows the stuffed monkey back and forth from the United States to the Philippines.

The 25-page book has 18 Tagalog words translated into English on the last page.

“The book includes a poem about the monkey and a little bit of information about the Philippines,” Mullen said. “I hope to help expand the vocabulary and reading ability for children. The book is geared toward people 8 years and above.”

Mullen was born in the Philippines and she has been a United States citizen for more than a decade. The Mullens purchased property in Ocean City and they have been living in the resort town since 2007. The couple also have a house in the Philippines and RR goes back and forth with them.

Her sixth book will be about ornamentals such as plants and flowers in addition to edibles including vegetables and fruit trees.

Go to Amazon.com to purchase “RR, the Traveling Stuffed Monkey Buddy,” “Flowers from RR’s Garden,” “RR and Friends,” “RR’s Arts from Recycling” and “RR’s Trip, Christmas and Birthday” for $10 each, or email Mullen at rrmullen60@outlook.com.

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