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Sunny skies brings 137,570 people to annual Springfest

By Kara Hallissey | May 10, 2018

(May 11, 2018) Souring temperatures and mostly blue skies helped boost attendance of last week’s Springfest, which outpaced the event’s 2017 turnout  by more than 30,000 people.

The total attendance during the four-day event was  137,570, up from last year’s turnout of 106,334, said Frank Miller, Ocean City’s Special Events superintendent.

“Overall, it went very smooth and we had a huge influx of people,” Miller said. “We had the best Sunfest weather at Springfest. The warm temperatures pulled people out of the cities and suburbs and to the beach for the day. Although the sun was baking down, we had a wonderful breeze coming off the ocean that cooled us down a couple of degrees.”

The festival had more than 200 craft booth vendors from across the country selling a variety of creations, more than 30 food concessions and a lineup of live entertainment under large tents in the inlet parking lot.

“The spike we saw in attendance, we don’t expect to see again unless the weather is perfect again,” Miller said. “We are happy Springfest was exposed to a new group of patrons who came down for the beach, checked out Springfest and may not have seen it otherwise.”

The slowest day at Springfest was last Thursday, its opening day, when 16,849 people checked out the event. Under the big top, 991 fans caught Satisfaction: The International Rolling Stones Show in the evening.

On Friday, 37,333 people came out to the festival, and country music star Trace Adkins played to a sold-out show of 1,795 concertgoers.

“This was the big visual difference day of the weekend where we were seeing Sunfest-like numbers and it was the start of people coming to town,” Miller said.

Saturday was the big day, however, when 59,411 people toured the tents and outdoor concessions.

“This was another big day and a lot of people who came to Springfest were day travelers,” Miller said.

A soldout show of 1,776 concertgoers attended rock star Bret Michaels concert  Saturday night.

Springfest wrapped up strong on Sunday with an attendance of 23,977 for closing day.

Because of the unusually excellent weather for this time of year, it remains to be seen whether this increase in attendance will hold.

“We will find out if this year was valuable [for future attendance numbers] in the next two to three years,” Miller said.

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