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Time to swim together

By Stewart Dobson | Aug 31, 2017



printed 09./01/2017


Ahem. About those many votes against the federal disaster aid package for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

I know, I know … that storm back in 2012 was in the Northeast, which is a different country, really, from real America.

And besides, that package was full of pork, or so opponents of the measure now say, even though we all know they’re full of what’s left after the rodeo closes.

If I sound annoyed, it’s because I don’t much care for politicians of any stripe, except, perhaps, for the few who actually were born above ground.

I am further perturbed, however, because it pains me to admit that I care less about how they explain away that vote five years ago and more about their vote now in favor of spending for Texas relief.

That’s because the last time I checked, the floodwaters along one Houston street had finally fallen below the top sill of the windows on the first floor of the home owned by family members.

Even though they are (or were) financially secure people, it remains to be seen how (or if) they’ll reclaim that house, where they’ll go in the interim once they vacate their current shelters and how they’ll get there, although they should be able to replace the three cars they lost relatively easily.

Like the house, they’re insured, although this also assumes that the insurance companies down that way don’t give them a hard time and get away with it courtesy of the new state law there — Sept. 1 effective date — that restricts claimants’ ability to fight back should the companies go cheap on them or delay, delay, delay.

Again, that was some excellent foresight on the part of politicians whose oxen weren’t being gored at the time.

Back in my military days (when ships were made of wood and men were made of iron, naturally), we had some Navy divers onboard who entertained the crew by lightly spitting in each other’s coffee.

They’d take a sip and then say, “What’s good for you is good for me.”

It was a gag-worthy moment, but if we had a little more of that kind of thinking among voters and politicians, we might have to avert our eyes now and then, but, like those divers, we’d all come up together.

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