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Turbine resistance doesn’t make sense

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Sep 28, 2017



Printed 09/29/2017



I find it troubling that the Ocean City, City Council has now hired a lobbyist to thwart the approved construction of wind farms off the Ocean City coast.

The council's position from the start of these projects (seven years ago) was that it was OK with them as long as they were at least 10 miles away. Both farms as proposed are much farther than the agreed upon 10 miles.

Suddenly, the council isn't in agreement and claims that the wind farms will harm tourism and therefore property values. This claim has been refuted by the results of community meetings, the Sage Group's economic study last month and now again by the just released Goucher College Poll.

The question asked by the Goucher College Poll was:

“As you may have heard, there is a proposal to build a group of energy-producing wind turbines off the coast of Ocean City, Maryland. The distance of these wind turbines from the shore is currently being discussed.

In your opinion, would seeing these wind turbines on the horizon from the beach make you less likely to vacation in Ocean City, more likely to vacation in Ocean City, or would they make no difference to you?”

The results of the Goucher College Poll were:

Would make no difference regarding their decision to vacation in Ocean City - 75 percent

More likely to vacation in Ocean City - 12 percent

Less Likely to vacation in Ocean City - 11 percent

My question is this: Why in the face of overwhelming data in favor of the wind farms is the Ocean City, City Council (particularly Mr. DeLuca and Mr. James) trying to stop them from being constructed and have Maryland lose out on good paying, long term jobs?

Paige Davey

Hunt Valley, Maryland

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