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Uptown spaces shrinking, still meet national criteria

Resort routinely checks parking spot sizes after regular repaving projects
By Brian Gilliland | Mar 30, 2017

(March 31, 2017) Residents’ and visitors’ eyes are not deceiving them — parking spaces uptown really are getting smaller.

However, the newer, slimmer spots are still within federal guidelines, according to City Engineer Terry McGean.

“Whenever we repave, we check the efficiency, and where the spaces are wider, we can pick up a few spaces,” he said. “Because, of course, parking is at a premium in Ocean City.”

McGean said the practice has been in place as long as he’s been with city government — 26 years — and probably before.

Some of the parking spaces will vary in size, McGean said, but all should measure at least nine feet wide from the center of one white striping line to the center of the other line marking the spot.

The reason for the variance comes from how it’s formulated.

For example, if the city has a 100-foot stretch between no parking zones to fill with parking, that space will be divided by nine to get the average width, and the spaces are painted to that measurement.

“Cars are getting narrower,” McGean said. “I’ve seen some parking standards that are eight or eight and one-half feet wide.”

McGean admitted wider spaces are easier to navigate, but said the travel lane standard is 11 feet and parking is easier than travelling.

“Beyond it being the national standard, it’s also Town of Ocean City code,” he said.


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