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VanFossen brothers excel during competition

Kobe second in 90-cc class, fifth in super mini; Kazin ninth in 70-cc class
By Intern, Morgan Pilz | Aug 24, 2017
Courtesy of: VANFOSSEN FAMILY Kobe VanFossen, 13, of Berlin, leaps into the air during the American Motorcycle Association MX Championship at Sunset Ridge in Walnut, Illinois, June 17.

(Aug. 25, 2017) Kobe, 13, and Kazin, 11, VanFossen, of Berlin, competed in the American Motorcycle Association Motocross Championship event last weekend in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, and both placed in the top 10 in their classes.

Kobe VanFossen took second in the 90-cc class and fifth in the super mini class. Kazin finished ninth in the 70-cc class.

Kobe won his first tournament in 2012, in the 50-cc class. He received his winner’s plate and a recognition certificate at AMA headquarters in Ohio.

“I was 8 years old when I won last time,” Kobe said. “It felt really good to be back on the podium since 2014.”

Kobe and Kazin both began competing in the AMA MX Championship when they were 8 years old, but started learning how to ride at about the age of 4.

“As far as the learning part, I taught them what I knew,” their father, Scott VanFossen, said. “I started riding probably when I was 5 years old, and I was in racing myself, all the way up to my mid-20s.

“Then I went off to school, did some college and then once I got married and had kids, I continued racing,” he added. “As they got older and got into it, then I kind of retired from it to support the kids doing their sport.”

Motocross racing is a VanFossen tradition that first started with Scott’s father, John.

“I started in my early teens,” John said. “My father owned a service station, so I grew up in the days where you go out and actually pump gas in cars, check the tires, check the oil and do different things.

“So, needless to say, as a young kid growing up, or a boy, you just kind of got into tinkering and putting things together and you start either racing it or doing things with it going fast and you enjoyed it,” John added. “And that just led into different forms of racing.”

The boys and their parents travel across the country to compete in these races, often driving out all their equipment the Thursday before a race in order to practice the next day.

“The national series brings the best of the best from all over the country,” Scott said. “So, all these individuals are top riders in their state [and] come and race in the nationals. So, it’s a pretty big deal when they finish within the top 10. Because it’s a top 10 ranking in the nation.”

Besides the excitement that comes with racing, the family also enjoys all the traveling they do.

“The traveling part was nice because we try and pick a highlight of a state or in that area and visit it,” Scott said. “Like one track we go to is in Michigan, which is not far from Notre Dame college. We’d take a right and go up in Michigan right up there by the Great Lakes, so a couple years ago, we stopped at Notre Dame and visited the college, just to say we’ve been to Notre Dame [and] seen the stadium. We [also] went to the Great Lakes, so we do a lot of educational stuff with it, while we’re traveling.”

Both boys said they are ready to compete in next year’s tournament.

“I’ll probably get first because a lot of people are moving out of the classes,” Kazin said. “I just like racing on my bike.”

“I want to try and win a championship [again],” Kobe said.

The Motocross series was first founded and sanctioned by AMA in 1972. Classes are determined by the size of the engine, or cc. The amateur series begins for racers as young as 8 with classes starting at 50 cc, reaching up to 450 cc, which professional motocross racers use.

The ATV MX national series, which is a 10-race event, began in April and ended the second week of August. The series traveled around the country. It kicked off this year in Texas and wrapped up in Tennessee.

The VanFossens are the owners of the Assateague Crab House in Berlin, which is a sponsor of the AMA MX Championship.

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