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Water bill hikes formalized by commissioners

Rates rise with September payments for OP, West OC neighborhood, Newark area
By Brian Gilliland | Jun 22, 2017

(June 23, 2017) The Worcester County Commissioners formally adopted the $10.9 million budget for the water and wastewater services enterprise fund on Tuesday, approving an almost 3 percent increase from last year as well as rate hikes for eight of the 11 service areas.

The commissioners issued a preliminary approval of the measure at their last meeting two weeks ago, ahead of the action taken this past Tuesday.

Ocean Pines domestic customers are set to see an increase from $138 to $154 per EDU in quarterly water and sewer basic fees and an increase in the commercial water and sewer base fees ranging from $180 to $1,500 based on total allocated EDUs.

Also, the flat rate sewer charge for domestic customers is set to increase to $146 from $134 per quarter, while commercial customers will see usage charges for sewer service jump to between $4 and $10 per thousand gallons. The White Horse Park domestic water and sewer rates will increase from $110 to $122 per lot per quarter.

Users in this service area will also see a reduction in debt service payments from $54 to $47 per quarter.

In the Riddle Farm service area, the basic water and sewer fee for residential customers will jump $10 per EDU quarterly, and commercial customers’ fees and usage rates will jump to match the Ocean Pines rates at $180 to $1,500 based on total EDUs and between $4 and $10 per thousand gallons used.

The accessibility fee at Riddle Farm will also go up from $90 to $140 per EDU per quarter.

In the Mystic Harbour service area, domestic basic fees are hiked from $148 to $163 and the sewer flat fee increases from $153 to $164.25 per EDU. Commercial customers will see their bills match the increases in Ocean Pines and Riddle Farm.

The accessibility charge in Mystic Harbour is going up $50 from $100 to $150 and the debt service charge is increasing from $48 to $54 per EDU.

In Newark, domestic customer rates will go from $196 to $216 per EDU and commercial rates increase from $240 to $266 per quarter in basic fees.

At The Landings, the base fees for residential customers are increasing from $200 to $215 per EDU and the accessibility fee is increasing from $200 to $210 quarterly.

In Edgewater Acres, the base fee is going up to $150 from $140, and the flat rate for water is increasing from $83 to $88 per EDU, while the sewer flat rate will increase to $135 from $130 per EDU.

At Briddletown, the commercial base fee will increase from between $39.50 and $132 to between $45 and $375 per EDU.

Finally, at River Run the domestic water base fee is increasing from $43.13 to $48.13 per EDU.

No changes in fees are approved for Assateague Pointe, Lighthouse Sound and West Ocean City.

Besides the rate changes, a single support position at the department was removed, the interfund transfer was adjusted and compensation adjustments made countywide with the adoption of the fiscal 2017 budget were reflected in the revised document.

In addition to the rate hikes, the county is reporting assessments will be levied in Newark, Ocean Pines, Snug Harbor, Oyster Harbor and Mystic Harbour service areas or sub-areas to make debt payments, and will be made on a per-EDU basis.

Domestic costs are based on an average of 6,000 gallons per month in a home unless noted as a flat rate. Commercial costs are based on 10,000 gallons of usage plus two EDUs.

The respective water and wastewater committees for these service areas all approved the rate changes.


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