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West OC projects added to annual sewer cleaning

By Brian Gilliland | May 03, 2018

(May 4, 2018) Because the bids received to perform sewer cleaning and video inspection of the lines amounted to less than half of the amount set aside for it last year, the Worcester County Commissioners approved adding about 7,600 linear feet to the program this year.

The final cost of the expanded cleaning and scoping services has yet to be determined, but the Public Works Department estimates, based on the bid prices received from contractor Mobile Dredging and Video Pipe Inc., assume it would add another $16,000 to the bottom line.

Last year’s budget set aside $50,000 for the work. The contractor’s initial bid, awarded in April, set the price for the existing project at just under $25,000. Anything left over would be used as contingency funding should extra work be required on the system for whatever reason.

“Because the sewer cleaning and inspection work is an ongoing program and because the low bid was so much below the funds allocated in the budget, we would like to consider adding some additional sewer cleaning and inspection video to the project,” John Tustin, director of public works, wrote to the commissioners.

Tustin proposed work areas along Golf Course Road near Route 50 and Old Bridge Road in Martha’s Landing be considered for the expanded work.

Tustin said both areas had been considered for inclusion in next year’s project scope, but the favorable rates could move it ahead.

“A final change order would be prepared and presented for approval once the exact footage is determined,” Tustin wrote.

The commissioners approved the request unanimously, and Tustin is expected to return with the final cost estimate soon.

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