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Work release inmates to get ankle monitors

By Brian Gilliland | May 17, 2018

(May 18, 2018) Worcester County has been offering certain inmates work release opportunities for more than 30 years, and kept track of these people by making phone calls and performing site visits.

That’s all going to change relatively soon, as the Worcester County Commissioners authorized Warden Donna Bounds to purchase ankle monitors this week.

Dallas-based Securus Technologies — the county’s current inmate phone vendor — also offers ankle bracelet tracking devices, which it has offered to provide at no cost to the county.

Monitoring the devices and tracking the work release inmates would be performed by VeriTracks, another division of Securus.

While there will be no charge to the county for the devices, the monitoring of each individual costs $5 per day, in addition to the $12 per day fee for participation in the work release program. These charges are apparently paid by the inmate.

The county requested 50 monitors to start, and also asked for a remote breath alcohol device to discourage drinking among monitored people.

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